Teneo Lorus - Instruction

Make sure there is enough free, flat space on the back of your device for the Teneo Lorus. 
Using the Teneo Lorus may not allow you to use a QI wireless charger if your device has one.

Teneo Lorus is a multifunctional, very reliable mount for smartphones, tablets and various portable devices (speakers, surveillance cameras, etc.).
In some cases, is not self-sufficient.
Depending on where and how you want to use it, you will need the appropriate additional parts (accessories).

The attachment is universal - you can change the ways of its use without any tools.

The package of delivery

- Sitti Lorus (attachment part),
- four rectangular lodgements,
- Itti adapter, which must be glued to your device with double-sided tape,
- square block,
- 2.5 mm hex key,
- a wet wipe,
- Itti Pos.

In turn, Sitti Lorus consists of two parts, which are connected to each other by a thread:
- a body with a clamping screw,
- and a bracket.

The principle of operation

- connecting diagonally,
- fixing in two positions: vertical or horizontal,
- disconnecting diagonally upwards in one of the sides, in which exactly - you will decide yourself by positioning the Sitti Lorus case.

Itti adapter sticker

Before using Teneo Lorus, you need to stick Itti on your device.
Please  read the relevant instructions carefully


In any variant of using Teneo Lorus, you must ensure that the smallest of the four brackets on the case is always on top, because it determines the direction of removal of the device.

Left or right - it's up to you.
As is more convenient for you.

Teneo Lorus and tripod thread

To connect the Sitt Lorus with anything that has a screw with a tripod thread (these are all kinds of attachments for action cameras and video recorders, photo tripods, selfie sticks, monopods, etc.), the role of a lock nut is performed by a bracket. But it acts in the opposite direction from the usual lock nut.

First, you almost completely screw the body into the bracket and, just as almost completely, screw the Sitti Lorus onto the tripod screw. 

Then you expose the Sitti Lorus as you need and with great effort, clockwise, clamp it with a clamp.

- to chew an alcohol napkin after use - there is not the alcohol you
thought about;

We also reserve the right to make changes to the design of Teneo Tutus that do not affect its operation.