Fulcrum (or Itti and Zitti) is a versatile, compact stand for smartphones and e-readers.
One of the design features is that Itti and Zitti are connected by magnets.
This allows you to carry Zitti with you on your device.
In addition, Zitti compensates out the presence of Itti on your device.

Fulcrum X

Her dimensions are compatible with most smartphones and e-readers. The principle of operation is shown in the photo.

In addition - the video.

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Itti Pos (option)

Adapter Itti has the ability to connect to any flat, magnetically sensitive surface quite reliably.

To prevent your device from sliding down, there is the Itti Pos - a support that prevents it from doing so.

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What is next

Fulcrum I may appear.
We dont wont give away any details for now, although you can guess what we are talking about.