Itti adapter - Instruction

Make sure that there is enough free, flat space on the back of your device
there is enough free, flat space for Itti.
Using Itti may prevent you from using
QI wireless charger, if you have one in your device.
your device.
Itti is a part of the Teneo mounts and Fulcrum stands.
It must be attached to your device.

Kit for sticker adapter Itti

- The Itti adapter,
- square lodgement,
- rectangular lodgement,
- alcohol wipe.

Itti adapter sticker

Gluing the Itti adapter is an incredibly important and responsible process, so we will describe it very carefully.
The most important thing about the Itti adapter sticker is that it should be applied as precisely as possible in the centre and parallel to the edges of the device.
We have several options for this.
The second important point is to degrease and clean the gluing area with the alcohol wipe provided.
Do not forget about it, and allow the alcohol to dry, or wipe it with a dry cloth.

In the kit you will find either a soft pad or two rectangular lodgements of the same thickness.
We recommend placing them under the device to prevent accidental damage.

Option one

If your device is small, you can stick the Itti adapter directly onto it without using anything else.
Just practice a little before sticking it on.

After affixing the Itti adapter, carefully press it to the device using a square trayIf your device is large enough, you will need to use the rectangular lodgement provided.

Option two

If your device is large enough, you will need to use the rectangular lodgement provided.
Place the spacer on the device approximately at the location of the Itti sticker, centre it and position it parallel to the edges.
You can use any tools available to you for this purpose.

Remove the protective film from the Itti adapter.
Hold the rectangular lodgement
with the fingers of one hand, gently slide it into the
gently, at an angle, place Itti adapter in the appropriate niche
and press it against the device.

Use a square lodgement to press the Itty Adapter firmly onto the device.

And that's it - the Itti adapter is ready for use.

- chew the alcohol wipe after use - it is not the alcohol you think it is;

The initial bonding time is 24 hours, the full bonding time is 72 hours. This does not mean at all
that you cannot use the Itty Adapter during this time. You can. But without strong
breaking loads. The reliability of the connection is guaranteed by 3M.