About us


We, like most people, sometimes find ourselves in an uncomfortable situation or, using everyday objects, encounter discomfort and wonder. How to fix the situation? You can solve it in many ways, the easiest is to buy a useful accessory, but if you want to get an emotional drive, you need to come up with a solution on your own. If the solution turns out to be useful and new, you will want to share it with all people.
A part of people can't live in peace. Thoughts are directed in one direction - how can we make this better, and this more convenient? 
That's how we came to what we offer you now. 
Everything we offer is designed by us. If we compare it with our competitors, we like our solution better, and here's why. Their devices are based on mechanics. Ours is based on the power of magnets. 
All this has been tested by us and our family members, relatives and friends. We realise that our opinion is not entirely objective, but now it is hard to imagine how we used to do without it.  We hope that you will appreciate it as well. 
Once you try our solutions, you will understand why we are proud of the work we have done and why we are not ashamed in front of our clients. Join us and let's improve the quality of life together.

Sincerely, Siz-Zis.