Teneo Tutus

It is a multifunctional, very reliable mount for smartphones, tablets and various portable devices (speakers, surveillance cameras, etc.).
In some cases, it is not self-sufficient.
Depending on where and how you want to use it, you will need the appropriate additional parts.
Please note: Teneo Tutus is very small.
It is less than ten millimetres thick.
There are also no mechanical elements in the design.

It is consists of two parts:
- adapter Itti, which must be glued to your device,
- and Sitti Tutus (fasteners), which is made of aircraft-grade aluminium with hard anodising.

Video of the principle of operation.

Teneo Tutus and self-tapping screws

The design of Teneo Tutus allows it to be attached to any surface using self-tapping screws. This use case is suitable not only for smartphones and tablets, but also for quite heavy things: small TVs, surveillance cameras, speakers, lamps, etc.

Teneo Tutus can be fixed to almost any surface.

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Teneo Tutus and tripod thread

To use the Teneo Tutus with standard mounts or devices that have a tripod thread, in most cases, the lock nut you have at your disposal will be sufficient.
However, for a more secure fixation of the Sitti Tutus, it is better to use the Contra Nut.

Contra Nut (option)

She is made of aircraft grade aluminium with hard anodising.

The Contra Nut is connected to the Sitti Tutus by means of screws.
This ensures that the Sitti Tutus is very securely attached to the tripod screw and cannot be removed without a key.

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Crab (option)

This is one of the options for mounting on a profile with a diameter of 20 to 30 millimetres.
It is mainly used on bicycles, motorcycles and scooters.

Crab will give you the opportunity to use your smartphone as an action camera.

There are also other ways to use crab.

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Vacuum suction cup (option)

In most cases, it is used on the windscreen of a car.

It allows you to use your smartphone as a video camera on the windscreen.

There are other ways to use it in the car.

There are also many options for use on smooth and flat surfaces.

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Circl (option)

It is a glossy disc that will allow you to use the vacuum suction cup on flat but rough surfaces.

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Tripods, selfie sticks, monopods

The Teneo Tutus connects perfectly with anything with a tripod head.

You don't even need a lock nut to connect the Teneo Tutus to most professional tripods. The small washer supplied is sufficient.

In summary

We haven't shown you all the ways you can use the Teneo Tutus with something that has a tripod screw.
In fact, there are many more.

Other ways to use Teneo Tutus

Cutis (option)

The Cutis is a small leather belt with a 3M Dual Lock clasp and frame.

Allows you to quickly connect Teneo Tutus to any profile from 20 to 60 millimetres in diameter.

In addition to the video.

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Arma (option)

Arma is a polyamide belt with a triple frame.

It allows you to quickly connect the Teneo Tutus to any profile from 60 millimetres in diameter to... as long as the strap is long enough.

In addition to the video.

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In summary

Cutis and Arma allow you to connect Teneo Tutus to almost any profile very quickly.
The shape of the profile does not matter.


We have shown you how to use the Teneo Tutus with a tablet.
In fact, there are many more ways to use it.