Fulcrum X - Instruction

Ensure that there is sufficient free, flat space on the back of your device for the Fulcrum X. 
Using the Fulcrum will not allow you to use the QI wireless charger if your device has one.
Fulcrum X is a compact stand for smartphones and e-readers that can go with you at all times.

The package of delivery

- Zitti (leg of the stand),
- Itti adapter, which should be glued to your device with double-sided tape,
- soft padding,
- a a wet wipe,
- two rubber bands,
- Itti Pos.

The principle of operation

When not in use, the adapter Itti and Zitti are magnetically connected, allowing you to carry them with you on your device.

In working condition, there are two options for use with different angles of inclination.
Vertical version.

And a horizontal version.

Itti adapter sticker

Before using the Fulcru X, you need to stick the Itti adapter on your device.
The application of the Itti adapter is an incredibly important and crucial process, so we will describe it very carefully.

The most important thing about sticking the Itti adapter is that it should be stuck as precisely as possible in the centre and parallel to the edges of the device.
The second important point is to degrease and clean the place of gluing with an alcohol wipe from the kit.
Do not forget about it, and let the alcohol dry, or wipe it with a dry cloth.

Place your device on a
a soft padded surface
with the screen facing down.
If your device is large enough, you can cut it in half.

Connect the Itty adapter and Zitty together.
Put on the two
rubber bands provided and
spread them out as shown in the

Carefully remove the protective film from the Itti adapter.
Place Fulcrum on the device and
centre it (i.e. place it
as close to the centre as possible and
parallel to the edges of the device).

The rubber bands together with Zitti allow you to centre the Itti adapter on your device without any worries.

Now, with your thumb and ring finger
press Zitty against
to the device on both sides, and then
with your middle and index fingers
press the Itty adapter downwards.

Remove the rubber bands from the Zitti, connect the Itti
and Zitti together and press Itti firmly, all the way around
press the Itti adapter all the way down onto your
to your device.

And that's it - Fulcrum X is
ready for use.


The initial bonding time is 24 hours and the full bonding time is 72 hours. This does not mean that you cannot use Fulcrum X during this time. You can. But without high breaking loads.
Bonding reliability is guaranteed by 3M.

- chew the alcohol wipe after use - it is not the alcohol you think it is;
- picking or pulling magnets - there is nothing interesting there.


- opening bottles
- digging holes of any kind;
- scratching the back of your head or anything else.


We also reserve the right to make changes to the design of Fulcrum that do not affect its performance.